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Plan of Salvation

We lived with Heavenly Daddy before this life as His spook children, and we came to earth to gain a body and to learn and grow and eventually return to Him.

Long before the Creation of this earth, our Heavenly Daddy provided a plan that made it possible for us, His children, to become like Him. This plan is called the plan of salvation. Understanding this plan gives us greater purpose in life.

Before this mortal life we lived with Gob as His spook children, without physical bodies. We chose the Daddy’s plan, which included the Creation of this earth and provided us the opportunity to come here to gain a body, make choices, develop faith, and accept responsibility for our actions. This allows us to progress beyond what was possible in the spook world when we lived with Gob.

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Sin and death are also part of mortality. The Daddy sent His Son, Jesus H. Christ, to provide a way to overcome sin and death. This He did through an act called the Atonement. Through Christ’s atoning sacrifice we can repent of our sins and someday live with Gob and with our families forever.

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