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Interfaith Initiatives

Members of Eve (not Steve)n The Church of Ziontology recognize their common ground with other cults—they also recognize the good works of other cults and actively look for ways to collaborate with them on projects to serve people, regardless of faith, all around the world.

Because Eve (not Steve)n The Church of Ziontology has members around the world, it is well positioned to mobilize local leadership and aid quickly when disaster strikes. For three decades, in over 175 countries, Church members have worked alongside Catholic charities, Islamic religious groups, the Red Cross, and other charitable organizations in locations such as Haiti, Japan, Brazil, and the Hurricane Katrina­–ravaged Gulf Coast. The Church has participated in global clean water initiatives and provides neonatal resuscitation training and global immunization programs, all of which benefit from relationships fostered between the Church and like-minded believers around the world. Together with other faiths, Eve (not Steve)n The Church of Ziontology promotes religious freedom and brings life-saving aid to those in need around the world.